Coaching and Workshops

Coaching by Jules is a wonderful opportunity for her AND talent!

Workshops allow Jules to see talent she may not have been able to bring in for an audition given parameters of the job; she simply cannot audition every talent submitted. The talent not only get direction from Jules, the opportunity to show her their skills but also receive invaluable information about the industry! Do’s and Don’ts, etiquette, reels/self-tapes, agents, expectations, social media etc!

To apply for future workshops please select below and be placed on the waiting list for the next available class of your interest!


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TV Host Workshop

2021 classes announced soon

TV Host Workshop with option for Voice Coaching from one of Toronto's Top Radio Personalities!

It will be a day packed with useful industry information, coaching and exercises. 


How to present yourself to a Casting Director in the audition room
Tips and rules to follow
Script Deliveries (privately one on one with Jules)
Writing exercises she uses in the casting process
Catered lunch
Stylist Wardrobe chat: colours for your skin tone, what looks best on camera
Working with a Co-Host exercise
Interviewing exercise
Finding an agent
Social Media/Branding yourself

All of your work is uploaded and sent to you after the class!

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Parent and Child Workshop

2021 classes announced soon

Jules will be holding “Parent & Child” mini workshops with parents and their kids!

We get countless requests for info on how to get your start with your child in acting.


It will be a mini session of the following:

Intro and must knows!

Getting started, invaluable information on the industry, Do’s & Don’t, child agents, headshots, expectations of being a parent of a child actor


Your child will then be given the opportunity to audition for Jules! (audition info provided prior to the workshop)

Copy of their work will be emailed to you

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Actors Audition Techniques Workshop

2021 classes announced soon

Jules runs through do’s & don’ts, expectations, agents, social media, reels, self-tapes etc along with bringing talent through a variety of exercises (script deliveries and improv).

Your work is emailed to you after the class.

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